Western Bouquet: Flower of the Day, Aug 30, 2016



Spotted this lovely arrangement in the lobby of the Sheridan Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming. Watch for more photos of this one hundred plus year old hotel still in operation on my “Thursday Doors” post on Thursday.

For more flowers, check out Cee’s blog.

11 thoughts on “Western Bouquet: Flower of the Day, Aug 30, 2016

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Odd.. I’ve been reading your blog and can’t get comments to post. I’ll try again. Still can’t post there, so I’ll send you my comment here. Let me know you’ve read it: This note is to the real Mary Francis!! Are you feeling better? Do you know what was wrong? I’ve had lots of drama with Frida, my old girl dog, that has kept me running back and forth to the vet with long waits in the waiting room. I know now how it got its name. She’s spent two nights in the hospital..and in between I’ve had a thousand errands to run and things to prepare for house sitters. They arrived tonight. Charming Aussie couple. I’m about finished with my list. One more day to go. Pretty much packed. Still no internet. Curses to Carlos Slim!!! So.. those are my excuses for not communicating for a few day. Still love Murdo Girl. She must forgive me my trespasses!!!

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      1. Mary Francis McNinch

        Oh Judy, I’ve been wondering if things have settled down for you. I know you plan to be gone a month. I don’t know where you’re off too, but I hope it includes time for fun and relaxation. Frida will be fine. Pets like to spoil housesitters. I talked to Billy today, he loved the fingernail blog. I had an infection and pinched nerve in my back. I’m fine how. Thanks for asking. Keep me posted when you can. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!! And reading your blog!

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      2. lifelessons Post author

        Things have been too busy to get much reading in but I always eventually catch up. My house sitters moved in this afternoon and are so cool that I hate to leave.. ha. The dogs already love them. Pen has a mean pitching arm for Morrie!

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      3. lifelessons Post author

        No. my friends met them in Washington state.. told them to come visit. They are on their way around the world in a camper..adventurous. They are Aussies.. have been traveling 18 months so far.


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