Last Request

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Last Request

I pine, I anguish, yearn and ache;
yet don’t allow myself to bake.
I don’t dessert for calorie’s sake,
for if I do, my floorboards quake.
Yet one request I’d like to make.
When that last sleep I finally take,
if I should die before I wake,
please let my last meal include cake!

Today’s prompt word was “Cake.”

8 thoughts on “Last Request

  1. janebasilblog

    I’d probaby do a big bake every week if it wasn’t for my waistline – and my desire to stay healthy. I fantacise about apple cake, chocolate brownies, date slice, cinnamon rolls, danish pastries, blueberry muffins… I have to stop now, I can’t bear it…
    Love the poem.

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  2. hirundine608

    As a diabetic, I watch my diet too. Even so, I do not deny myself anything. Except what I don’t want in the first place. Things like candy bars and pop. If I could be bothered? I will make cakes. My fave being a hazelnut flour chocolate cake … so nice! But it’s a very fussy dish. Muffins being easier. I make my own pancakes and with 100% maple syrup, satisfies for a while. Accompanied with plain yoghurt and bananas … so yummy!

    But hey, while a touch morbid. Yet, a really good poem!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was at my sister’s house for Xmas and a friend of hers had this wonderful Xmas Day meal that included these individual bundt cakes. Wonderful decorations, wonderful food–but during the meal her cat knocked my car keys off the coffee table in the living room and soccer-batted them to a position under the sofa. It took us days to find them as I wasn’t sure I’d taken them with me. Naughty boy. The cake was sweet. The fear I’d have no way to drive my car when I got back to Mexico was not. They were my only set and a replacement would have been costly.



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