I’ll slog through the mud and slog through the rain,
but I’ll never slog back to you, ever again.
If ever again I work fingers to bone,
I will be doing it here on my own—
not chasing your dreams or plowing your furrow
like a mule in a trace or a poor laden burro.
Life was a hard slog, dear, trudging with thee—
much more of a grind than just being me.
So I’ll point my gaze forward, not back where I’ve been
without pulling you with me, ever again.

As Groucho would say, “The secret woid today was ‘Slog!’

7 thoughts on “Unhitched

  1. MickETalbot

    I’ve slogged all my life, maybe like you?
    Always for others, sometimes me too.
    I have no regrets, for t’was mostly fun.
    For in those long ago days I had me mum.
    She tended my wounds, healed my hurt.
    Now she’s gone, she left me forever alert
    To the dangers of slogging all on my own.
    I now have a wife and a beautiful home.,
    Three lovely children, yep one of each.
    I’ll slog now for them and my wife I call Peach.
    Now near the end, my slogging days few.
    Inspired by Lifelessons and a hard slogging mule.

    Take care,

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  3. Glenda Roman

    No words can say how much I DIS-LIKE your misery and the unfairness of it all and wish it had never happened to you but, damn it, girlfriend, you do entertain even through the tears and pain, and I mean my own as well as yours! But please do not ever do that again
    –not even for art, you crazy artist, you! XOXOG

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