Nasturtium: Flower of the Day, Sept 15, 2016


Orange nasturtiums were the first flowers I ever planted myself, from seed, in the apartment I frequented for a year while I got my masters degree. They totally took over the soil by my back door stoop. I loved their cheery hardiness, but for some reason I’ve never planted them again. These are the first nasturtiums I’ve seen since that weren’t in a salad. Love the yellow.  Wish I’d asked for some seed.

9 thoughts on “Nasturtium: Flower of the Day, Sept 15, 2016

  1. sanjuan831

    Yeah.Buy a packet of seeds. They’re easy to grow and reseed but can take over. Aunt Elna had some out front of the house in Murdo. Enjoying your material but not always time for commenting. So forgive me. Even queens and princesses gotta earn a buck! Working for few weeks. Thanks!


      1. sanjuan831

        I taught elementary school for 34 years and now I do testing at my old school, North of Salinas CA,plus sub once in a while. Was born in Pierre and lived a while in Pennsylvania where Dad was from.Always pretend I graduated from Murdo High but Dad lost the job at Sanderson’s so they hauled me off to California before I could attend. We had many road trips to Murdo from Pennsylvania and then California though. (Mary got me started with your blog.)

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  3. lifelessons Post author

    This panda bloom is gorgeous! I’ve never seen one before, but very plain how it got its name..Thanks for sending the link and for posting a link to my blog on yours.



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