A Passing Grace

Graceful” is today’s prompt word.

A Passing Grace

Where is the grace in our swift world?
Does it lie hidden, obscurely curled
In younger limb or nimbler spine,
in movement smooth and gesture fine?
As I pondered over this,
I started to feel hunger’s hiss,
so fed the dogs their morning meat,
then turned my mind to what I’d eat.

I piled my bowl with bran and berries
and when it came to choice of dairies?
Ice cream if I must be truthful.
(My eating habits, at least, are youthful.)
I headed for the dining room
and then—a crash and solid boom
as I went down with flail and swish,
having stepped in Frida’s dish.

I landed flat—leg, arm and head.
As for the bowl? The bowl is dead.
As it exploded in dust and shard,
berries, cream and bran hit hard
and efficiently dispersed themselves
o’er floor and cabinets and shelves
as I lay moaning on the floor
with swelling ankle and what’s more—

a skinned up arm and throbbing knee—
bemoaning what was wrong with me.
Where is the grace in our swift world?
Does it lie hidden, obscurely curled
In younger limb—or nimbler spine?
It’s clear it is not lodged in mine!
For whatever other talents I’ve got,
when it comes to “graceful,” I am not.

Here are the graceful creatures I had intended to write about:



23 thoughts on “A Passing Grace

  1. hirundine608

    Grace is not the precinct of the young,
    Grace may be found in leg or arm,
    For grace is but a step away,
    From billowing crash, come what may

    Grace is given to us from above,
    bestowed upon us by that love,
    A love of what maybe’s called God,
    To those of us kneeling or prone upon the sod

    While we wait upon the nether
    For that Grace, or come whatever,
    For Grace is not come, but earned
    By stint and love, it is not spurned.

    Hope you’re okay now?
    Cheers Jamie.

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      1. hirundine608

        In the mid seventies … I spent over a year in a commune. No it was not Christian. It was Hindu, an ashram basically.We used to say grace and sang Arti. After I left, the habit melted away.

        My wife says grace, before our meals. At first she used to do it alone, but I asked to be included. So we do it together now. She went back to Philippines, until she may obtain her PR Visa. So living alone again, the habit has left. Yet I try to pause for reflection before digging in. I miss her. Although luckily we have skype. So it’s better than relying on snail mail.

        Do I recommend the practice? I suppose I do? Yet our animal friends do fine without it. They are always so trusting and take what life “dishes” up. Honestly, I do not think saying grace does much but helps us to pause and do a little meditation before meals.

        I tried to say how I believe grace comes in different forms. It was grace that gave us life. That and our karma. So a little pratfall keeps us humble. Yeah, sure … slow down. There but for grace, go I.
        Cheers Jamie.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know it often keeps me from more “serious” writing, but I have enjoyed getting back to my lighter side through the blog and that keeps me writing, so I guess silly me rules the day, at least for now.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Nope. It really happened. Lost a great talavera bowl in the process. Shattered into oblivion. And I’m very sore. Did two hours of aerobic exercise in the warm water of the pool today. Hope that helps.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          i know. I was writing a really dumb one about graceful young girls, but when this happened, it gave me the humorous twist I needed. Figuratively. I didn’t need that literal twist. Mary, I just received your queen photo today..with Val. I have it on my fridge. It came some time while I was in the States.



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