Pumpkin before Pie: JNW’s October Challenge, Day 1


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5 thoughts on “Pumpkin before Pie: JNW’s October Challenge, Day 1

  1. hirundine608

    It’s two weeks now since those fruits appeared in the front of box stores. Started off at $5.97 each, now 2 fer $3.00ca. I wonder if anyone actually processes them, into pies? When a can may be bought under $3.00. Never mind … just an idle thought. They always look good in photos, don’t they? Halloween is still 30 days away and Canadian Thanksgiving still 10. One event to the next … Cheers Jamie


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Cans of them are more like 9 or 10 dollars in Mexico! One of those U.S. products very dear here. But, Costco sells huge pumpkin pies for $5 so why bother. It means a few hours drive there and back plus an additional $400 for everything else you didn’t know you needed that you must buy! In the long run perhaps cheaper to buy the can of pumpkin!


      1. hirundine608

        Having processed more than one pumpkin … it is almost incomparable to the canned. Although I usually prefer doing my own … whatever. Pumpkins are not high on the to do list. Very time consuming. Without the right space and gear. It has been a while of making one, anyway. Usually I prefer a fruit cobbler.

        Luckily or not? There is a Costco here on Vancouver Island and going there is a challenge. Yet I have gone in and only bought what I went for … it’s not easy however. I seldom buy ready made food. For I like to know what’s in something like a pie. A crumble or cobbler is so easy to make …. I would suppose missing the odd pumpkin pie in favour of other things more Mexican, must be easy to do? … they, pumpkins, are still bright and colourful. Especially in photos. Cheers Jamie.

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