Blind Judgment

dsc08411“Macho” by Judy Dykstra-Brown, jdbphoto  

Blind Judgment

Wielding words like bludgeons, they stumble through our world,
supporting fools as their gods, confederate flags unfurled.
Motivated more by hate than any rational thought,
they’d have no more spices added to our melting pot.

Hooligans wielding bludgeons as simple as a vote
cannot see the truth of what their voting might denote.
A businessman with ethics determined by the dollar
seems to have convinced them he’s the friend of the blue collar.

Bankruptcy and divorces, rash words and rasher actions.
Tax-dodging obligations, like a child in his reactions.
His minions yielding bludgeons, be they cudgels, guns or mallets,
now have it in their power to trash the world with ballots.

So all these bleating sheep with their lovely little daughters
will feed them to misogyny, like lambs led to their slaughters.
What leads nations on in these times of mass delusion?

Tomfoolery and hate and fear can lead to mass confusion.

We’ve seen it down through history with Hitler and Pol Pot.
Attila and Idi Amin, Gaddafi and Sadat.
All the blind majority led onward by a dunce.
All the dark sides of the world coming out at once.

Please, fathers love your daughters and mothers love your sons.
Protect them from the hatred of bigots wielding guns.
From politicians inventing facts and changing history,
leaving devastation wherever they might be.

We’re taught that justice must be blind to shield in its detection
of prejudice, and yet that selfsame blindness in election
may lead to faulty judgment that leads to foolish acts.
We should not cast our ballots when blinded to the facts.


The prompt today was “bludgeon.”

14 thoughts on “Blind Judgment

  1. hirundine608

    I understand the drift of your poem. People like Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot were all products of the Jesuits. Yes, they were also Jewish, in the most part. I have no particular care either for Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi. Yet they were both helped into place by the U.S.A. When those two started to realize the oil that their countries were producing was being taken with the exchange of useless petro-dollars. They both sought a fair exchange for gold, etc. That’s when the master turned on the dog. They became pariahs on the global stage and they were bought down, Illegally.

    Done by the same nations who had propped them up in the first place. So, now, two fairly stable countries are now demolished with nothing in their place.

    In Bagdad is a huge underground complex, built by the U.S.. So it’s maybe fair to say., they intend staying. By using terrorists in the form of ISIS. Al Nusrah and so on. They have successfully demonized Muslims.

    I can certainly agree with the notion of how “macho” this all is. For sure. Yet there are many women, also playing the same game. … All wars are bankers wars. Cheers Jamie

    BTW both Mr. Pence and Kaine were educated by Jesuits. You might be surprised? J.

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