Poinsettia Starter Kit: Flower of the Day, Nov. 9, 2016


img_8682The poinsettias are just starting to fill in and redden up here. Christmas must be coming.


7 thoughts on “Poinsettia Starter Kit: Flower of the Day, Nov. 9, 2016

    1. lifelessons Post author

      The problem here is mildew. I already see evidences. If it ever stops raining here, though, I’ll try covering one and see what happens. I have one that’s grown into a tree behind my studio…but others I can easily reach.


      1. slmret

        I didn’t think about mildew! That would be a problem! It’s probably just enough warmer in HI that it’s not a problem there. I think, too, that they just put the covers over the top of the plants, rather than wrapping them. Timing is important, too — I think they have to cover them before they start to turn color.


  1. angloswiss

    Here in Switzerland we only see them when they arrive in Winter in the stores to be sold. They would never survive the outdoors here – too cold. I think that is the only Christmas stuff that we do not have yet, but they will soon arrive. I always get myself one and if I am lucky I can keep it going until next Spring when I can keep it in the garden in its pot.

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