Close, Closer, Closest. Aloe Pots: Flower of the Day, Dec 6, 2016

img_0380img_0378 img_0384

5 thoughts on “Close, Closer, Closest. Aloe Pots: Flower of the Day, Dec 6, 2016

  1. Leslie Johansen Nack

    Hi Judy,

    I’ve been getting your blog posts. Your remodel looked so beautiful and the shots of your house looks beautiful. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and I hope we can stay in touch. How are you liking Fourteen? You know my website has pictures by chapter in case you’re interested in what the boat looked like, or my Dad, or so many things. Check it out, and I’d be honored if you signed up for my newsletter. I don’t put one out that often, but I’ve been posting a bit lately.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday season. xo


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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Leslie, I’m so sorry that I haven’t had a spare minute to read/listen to your book and I’m not likely to before I get to the beach in January. I have guest coming for Xmas and 30 coming for Xmas Day, so I’m just madly trying to get my house back in order. Renovations still going on in bathroom. Oh the dust, oh the disorganization. I will read it, though asap. I went to your URL but couldn’t see how to sign up for your newsletter. I have had a horrid cold since before PV and maybe it’s the medication. Let’s blame it on the meds anyway. Please tell me exactly how to sign up. xo J


  2. Leslie Johansen Nack

    Hey Judy, Thanks and no problem at all. I never meant that comment to be public, so you can remove it if you want. My newsletter sign up is on the first page, scroll down a bit and there it is. Thanks! Leslie



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