An Agnostic’s (Creed?) Query


An Agnostic’s Creed Query

Who knows, in the end,
what will be good fortune, what folly?
We make our choices, take our chances,
drawing straws that synchronicity turns long
or misfortune cuts in two.
One person’s good luck
is another’s ruin—
life, perhaps, being the biggest lottery
while the lord of games sits above
in his windowed cage, viewing the results
of his design. The wheel? Blind luck,
but part of some larger mechanism
rigged to keep the house functioning
for purposes that the faithful, those addicted to the game,
repeat like a litany, still pulling the slot handle, sorting the cards,
assuring themselves, over and over,
that they are taken into account.



The prompt today was “folly.”

7 thoughts on “An Agnostic’s (Creed?) Query

  1. Anton Wills-Eve

    Trust me to be first in on this one Judy 🙂 Actually you have very cleverly prompted me to post a blog of my own asap very much along the same lines but with a subtle difference. btw I’m sure you know that I’m an agnostic even though I have a passionate love of God. Actually I have never met anyone who isn’t agnostic, if you accept that it means ‘someone who considers it is impossible to know that God exists’. This lovely self evident truth is the basis of the difference between knowledge and belief and why people like myself talk about having Faith. If I KNEW – ie could empirically prove – that God existed I wouldn’t need faith would I? But the corollary is also true you cannot logically prove, and therefore know, that God doesn’t exist. Science can explain a lot but all human raciocination has its logical limits. How on earth did you get me onto the subject in which have a Phd in Switzerland and a D.Fil in Italy?!? I’ll be in touch again soon , but meantime have a lovely Christmas. Ciao.xx Anton

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Obviously, you are feeling fine, Anton. So good to hear from you and I’ve learned a new word: raciocination. Need to look it up and see if I’ve guessed correctly! I’ll be reading you later when you post your post. If you have time, send a link in the comments of An Agnostic’s Query so others can read it, too.


  2. Anton Wills-Eve

    I like the order of words there because all facts can only be facts if we agree on what we mean when we talk about them. I suspect there is a solipsistic element in our nature and degree of philological understanding here. I’ll have to incorporate this in the post I’ve promised Judy later today 🙂 Cheers. Anton

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know.. I’ve had arguments with people where we are both saying the same thing, but they can’t understand this either because they aren’t listening to what I say or because they not only believe in one truth, but also because it has to also be stated in their terms and professing to believe in a philosophy that has been given a name that includes this belief and others you don’t also believe in. Yet they think if you don’t “call” yourself something, you can’t possibly believe the same thing it professes.


  3. Anton Wills-Eve

    “Atta Girl”, you’re really getting into the important part of the philosophy of communication! I am working on a short hypothetical explanation of why none of this is even happenining at all. All will be revealed later today 🙂 Anton



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