Everything Old is New Again


Everything Old is New Again

To dress passé? A fashion sin,
yet everything old is new again.
So if your dress length’s out of date
all you have to do is wait.
In twenty years, you’ll be in vogue,
in what last year marked you a rogue.

Who dictates fashion is beyond me.
As are those who wait to see
whether ankle, thigh or knee
is where a garment’s end should be
and whether cowl or boat or vee
is the right neckline for the tee

they tuck into their faded jeans—
now ripped and shredded like a dumpster queen’s.

Following fashion’s every word?
I fear I find it most absurd.
I want the knees left in my jeans,
my butt well-covered, by all means.

What clothes you wear should be your passion,
not merely what’s okayed by fashion.
There should be no laws or rules
regarding clothes or hats or jewels
except what shows us who you are.
Each woman her own runway star.

The prompt today is renewal.

22 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. sanjuan831

    So true about fashion and our old clothes! Butt covered for sure. Wish I had kept my Mom, Ella’s, old clothing and hats and shoes. Beautiful!


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    Right you are! I have always hated short skirts. I think after you are out of your teens, they look stupid and often pretty unflattering. I’m undaunted by fashion. I solved the problem of being unfashionable by not caring and not reading fashion magazines. If you read Vogue too much, your brain will explode out through your eyeballs.


  3. Relax...

    I worked with a very young lady who was temporarily filling in as secretary to the City Attorney, so she had to dress appropriately but didn’t have a lot of money. She got quality vintage (resale) pieces and contemporized them with updated accessories and a very sassy hairdo. Such successful experimenting amazes me! My parameters for fashion are, does it go with black? Does it go with denim? Yes? We’re goid!


  4. kStanlykSays

    i’m loving some of the colors in your closet! i too am still wearing things from high school onward, if it still fits! but then again, i once had a boss who asked me “who dressed you this morning, walt disney?”, so i’m clearly no fashionista.

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  6. John Vega

    Hi there,

    I agree that old clothes are gold for all. I truly love your idea of buying clothes what you like and wear it for a long. I do the same.

    When we try to look unique, I think we need not forget to wear pewter charms also. Pewter charms always improve our personality. How do you agree with my idea?



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