The Win


The Win

When you reach out for the prize,
please be sure you recognize
that chaos can adopt the guise
of a much-wished-for surprise.
Bad things can come in lovely trappings,

so when you remove the wrappings,
what you might find wrapped inside
is something they have had to hide
lest you know the ugly truth.
A close-lipped smile can hide the tooth
that bites the hand that votes for it.
How can we once again permit
such evil to come into power?
This time we cannot hide or cower.
Brave men and women must stir their bones—
leave their screens, forsake their phones,
to come back to reality.
See how much worse the world could be.
Environment an oozing shambles
while big business wrecks and gambles.
Brother turned against his brother,
all the world blaming the other.
Misogyny, racism and
a lack of respect for the land—
what will these concepts lead us to?
Democracy is now a zoo.
Polluted rivers, polluted skies,
will prove the truth some recognize.
In forgetting our forefathers’ goals,
we’ve let big business buy our souls.
Lately foolish, please now be wise.
Please, countrymen, open your eyes.
Your children sicken, your grandchild cries.
Please save his country before it dies.
It is time to recognize
these words do not hyperbolize.
Now is the time to change and wake up.
Our country’s factions need to make up!

The prompt today was recognize.

5 thoughts on “The Win

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Marilyn. I’ve used it more than once since the solidarity march the day after the inauguration, but it says it all, I think. Many ills of the world could be solved or lessened if we all just lived by this creed. The woman is my friend Linda Crosfield, a very fine poet and artist. She, too, comes to La Manzanilla each winter.


  1. Christine Goodnough

    I found your last line was really interesting — maybe because I’ve been pondering this last while whether it’s even possible anymore, or whether the right-left polarization in America is a gulf that can no longer be bridged. Who’s willing to budge?

    As to pollution, there are many aspects to consider. On one hand we’ve done a lot in ‘the West’ to clean up our rivers and air. On the other hand, we’ve outsourced a lot of manufacturing to countries that can produce cheap goods for us — which we definitely want — and don’t have the pollution laws — which is why they can produce such cheap goods. So we don’t have the pollution, they do.

    They’re trying to produce so they can be as rich as North America, but if they’re forced to curb pollution it will cost them —more convenient to look the other way. And it would mean the end of cheap goods for us — which we’re very fond of.

    It’s easy for crusaders to get on the “End pollution” bandwagon, but who’s seeing the end of that train of thought? Who’s prepared to consume less and pay more? I hear what you’re saying, and am all in favor of ending pollution, but I’m happy for electricity, cars, air travel, Walmart prices, etc, so I don’t have any answers to this dilemma. Except that change somehow must start with less consumption.

    Just one small and rather humorous example I heard one time: if the Chinese adopted the American practice of buying toilet paper, the world would soon be deforested. (Here in Canada Pulp and paper mills are huge polluters, too, filling the air with sulphur and our rivers with mercury. But I wouldn’t want to do without their products!)



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