Label Machine


Label Machine

Pure rayon or crepe de chine?
Trust the labelling machine.
It for sure will have it right
and easily can solve your plight
when you have that puzzling quandary
over what to call your laundry.
It’s easy.  You are simply able
to look inside and read the label.

With people, it is not the same.
Labelling may unfairly blame
someone of a certain hue
for something they would never do.
You may as well class cleft of chin
as a mark of sloth or sin
as to choose one’s place of birth
as a determiner of their worth.

It’s clear we’ve failed our populace
when we see how many of us
trust bigotry and generalization
to determine policies of  nation.
“Give us your tired and your poor”
has been swept right out the door.
The symbol of what’s free and fair
now stands forlorn with empty stare.

Behold: the Statue of Liberty—
a symbol of hypocrisy.


The prompt today was label, one of those maddeningly short and simple words in the English language that I have had to repeatedly look up to make sure I’ve spelled it correctly.  “Lable” just looks right to me!!!!

7 thoughts on “Label Machine

  1. cwaugh212

    Our nation has an open door,
    We let in many (a million or more)
    Each year they come in legally
    And welcomed they will always be.

    Don’t listen to the narrative,
    Espoused by those who do not give,
    A damn about the rule of law,
    Put in place by those who saw,
    That some might want to do us harm,
    And others that want us to disarm,
    So they can rule in our place,
    And steal our way of life and grace.

    So open borders with no rules,
    Will turn us all into such big fools,
    When looking back at what we had
    We’ll only make our children sad.
    They will not know of liberty,
    And all because of you and me.


  2. janebasilblog

    Why can’t we all accept that the world doesn’t belong to us, and whatever the colour of our skin or our religious and cultural leanings, we are all brothers and sisters?
    As technology progresses, both charity and ethics seem to regress.
    Thanks for sharing this great poem, Judy.

    Liked by 1 person


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