I woke up with the word “Cublic” rampaging through my brain. When I got up to pee, “Cublic!” formed my entire  interior monologue. Back to bed.  Someone knocked on the door.  “Cublic!” I let in Ellie to wash the sheets for the upstairs apartment. Tried to go back to sleep, but “Cublic” kept nudging my dream, so I got up, fed Morrie, let him out and pulled a chair up to the computer. After a few changes of spelling (initially I had spelled it “Cublik”) I found that it was a Korean company that had found a way to put advertising videos on the pagers restaurants use to call you to your table.  Good grief!!!  So, when I went to find my daily prompt word on the WordPress Daily Post and saw that the word was “territory,” I knew I had to claim mine by getting rid of “Cublic.”  Here goes.


They are always out there waiting, intent on doing peeking,
inflicting what they want to sell over what I’m seeking.
They invade my territory every single minute,
eavesdropping on each search I make to try to find what’s in it.
I wouldn’t really mind at all if they stole my cookies,
if only they confined their sorties just to having lookies,
but I fear that’s not enough. The real end of their story
is that they are planning raids on my territory.
I do not want their bracelets nor their brassieres nor their dresses.
When they think they know what I want, their thoughts are merely guesses.
What I really want the most is every bit of screen space,
but every day more of my screen seems to be has-been space.
Every minute, a new sales pitch comes feeding at my trough,
while I only want an app. that tells the pop-ups to pop off!!!!!

The prompt today was territory.

14 thoughts on “Trespass

      1. janebasilblog

        If I try to show you all you’ll see is a word that’s been crossed out, so the easiest way for you to find out is to write something on the visual side of your editor, strike it out as you normally would, then click on HTML, and you’ll see how it’s done…
        Does that make sense?


  1. hirundine608

    I find ad block an effective tool. Sometimes the page visited senses my use and protests. Then I can disable it, ad block, if choose? It seems most do not realize the scrutiny of business and state, in their lives? Your camera can be turned on and the user not even know. Even the statistics as compiled by WP. If you wish to peruse the web, privately? Then a VPN … Very Private Network can be paid for. I use Buffered but there are plenty out there. I use it to watch soccer, on a Saturday. Among other things such as movies, tv shows etc. Using Opera as a browser, gets a free one. Cheers Jamie


  2. helen meikle's scribblefest

    What I hate most are the ads that say ‘You’ll just love….’ whatever. I have been known to tell the television that I don’t love whatever, and wouldn’t on principle even if I might have otherwise. Do not presume to know what I think!!



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