The story of the four kittens abandoned on my doorstep 3 1/2 months ago continues. As you can see, they are barely kittens anymore, and once they’d had all their shots and been neutered and spayed, it was time to make their transition outside. I knew there were dangers, but 5 cats inside is just too much for me to handle anymore, let alone for housesitters allergic to cats to handle, so the day came when they were finally let out to the wide world as it existed within my compound walls.  I am hoping they won’t be tempted to go over the walls but know it is inevitable. A bigger worry is that they’ll venture into the backyard where Morrie and Diego are accustomed to dealing with animal interlopers in a predictable manner.  I’ve kept sliding glass doors open (screens and bars closed) hoping they’ll get used to each other, but the dogs are jealous, curious, and, well, they are dogs.  Here are the events as they have unwound over the past week, ending yesterday. All in all, a scary day.

(Click on the first photo to enlarge and read captions.)

Heartsick. When I went out to feed the kittens this morning, only two showed up. I put out the food, which usually brings them out, but Ollie and Kukla never appeared. I called out over and over, opened the garage door, looked outside, nothing. I was sobbing by the time I thought to pen the dogs up and look in the backyard. It was the worst sort of suspense thriller–the kind of movie I hate–as I combed every inch of the backyard, expecting to find their little bodies everywhere I looked. I had heard the dogs take after something last night and a loud screech, and I had brought the dogs in immediately, but the screech was not catlike and when I called out for kittens, no one answered. Now I regretted not looking closer last night.

I looked everywhere again. As I searched behind the studio, both dogs came around the back way as though they were helping me to look, but nothing. I wondered if the cats had gone hunting in the lots across the street because I was a half hour late in feeding them this morning, thanks to my spider poem. Finally, I went back to the house and let the dogs out, then once again combed the plants around the studio. Diego kept running behind a monster pot containing aloe vera on the terrace near my bedroom, and eventually Morrie joined him. Beside it were two other pots too large to move and they were all tangled up in the thunbergia vine that covered the wall, all of the tall plants around the studio and behind my bedroom, and also had grown up the telephone post and along the wires. I tried to pull the pots back but they were too heavy. I finally pulled one smaller palm pot out and searched behind all the pots. Nothing. But, I thought I detected a tiny squeak.

I put the dogs in again and went back and repeatedly called “Kitty, kitty, kitty.” Finally, Ollie jumped down out of the vine tangle and nonchalantly strolled across the patio, looking very closely for dogs. I called again and a few minutes later, Kukla joined us. I was so relieved!!! I carried them around the house as I’d exited through the doggie domain and was not about to carry them through the room occupied by Morrie and Diego. I put them in the front yard, closed both of the barrier gates, let the dogs out and put the two wayfarers into the house so I could feed them separately from their sisters, who had already eaten. When I went out to get a collar to put on Kukla, however, the other cats got in, so I put another dish of food out, got a collar on Roo and Kukla but not Ollie. Fifteen minutes later, Frannie is the only one who has kept hers on for two days. The rest of the collars are lost somewhere out in the cat jungle. Phew. Motherhood.

11 thoughts on “Heartsick

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    At least they are all still alive! You have described why we don’t have cats. We used to have cats. In fact, before we had dogs, we had several cats but whatever problems dogs make, cats were actually worse and far more destructive and I just can’t deal with the claws and the jumping.

    I do love happy endings!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I still let the kittens in one or two at a time and they usually just settle down near to me or on me and sleep. I find it incredibly relaxing to take a nap with cats. My dogs are both too big to comfortably snuggle with..and Morrie cannot be broken of taking a little pee wherever he wishes to–including the hall floor. Diego is good inside but can’t be trusted with the garbage. So I join them outside to commune.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, perhaps. Just got back from purchasing 250 packets of kitten food plus 5 bags of dry kitten food–provender for my 6 weeks absence. Walmart has to wonder what the current run on kitten food is. I constantly buy out all their stock. I fear that I’m spending so much time with the kittens that I’m neglecting the dogs, though. Can’t be making them any more fond of their feline siblings.

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  2. rugby843

    When we moved into a different home, it had screens on the windows you could push out at the bottom and then snap back, of course I didn’t know that. Our little kitty Yikes, found this out when she liked to lay on the large windowsill. She was gone for three days and I was beside myself! Finally I just said to no one, if she’s not back today, I Give up! Immediately heard a noise by the door and there she was. I know that horrible feeling. This town was in the country, and dead animals on the roadside were “no big deal” to the residents. It was like a game to see how many they could run over. TX of course.

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  3. slmret

    When I was growing up we had outdoor cats. Periodically one would be gone for a few days — but they would almost always show up after such an absence! The worst that happened was the time RumTumTugger was accidentally run over as my mom backed the car out of the garage! With outdoor cats, though, they do go exploring — and eventually come back to the food and the love of home!



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