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An open window, an open door
from a block away or more,
may leak a song whose melody
brings forth a long-lost memory.

Its strains may bring a prompt detection
of an overlooked reflection—
that abrupt awareness of
those substitutes for human love.

A cat, a dog, a garden full
of beauty that exerts its pull—
diversions that can take the place
of a well-loved absent face.

So we fill in each empty spot
where each loved-one, alas, is not,
making do with what what’s around—
those near-distractions that we’ve found.

Prompts for today are substitute, abrupt, reflect and music.

I spent all day trying to fight off a migraine. Soon after I woke up I lost half my vision—could only seen the right side of my head by turning my head sideways.  I took a couple of caffeine pills, hoping that it was the beginning of a migraine—fearing the alternative more. My vision eventually came back but a nagging little headache persisted so I took more caffeine, tried to eat around 3 but had terrible indigestion and more of a headache. Finally, I took an Extra-Strength Tylenol along with a Coke, which I knew would give me arm and/or leg cramps, but it was preferable to a full-strength migraine. Went down to the hammock with an audible book so I could close my eyes, Morrie jumped up on my lap and Diego hung his head over the side of the hammock seeking my other hand. I pulled my cowl neck over my head to avoid their stinky bodies and breaths (bath-time is in order) and finally, blessedly, fell asleep. Aroused by a phone call from a good friend, after hanging up, I was seized by a massive foot cramp, got up and stamped it out and came up to the house where the pups and kitties were glad to finally have their meal a few hours late. Not the best day in the world but it brings me to the reason for telling you my woes, other than your sympathy—that being the reason why I haven’t yet written and published my poem for the day. So, finally, at 8 in the evening, here it is.


Still Life with Bag of Cement


How is it that cats know how to pose no matter how unlikely the props? In this case, it is a bag of concrete Pasiano brought to fasten Frida’s memorial down with. Always fun to see what pose they will be in when I drive into the garage. Here are some further poses from the past .

Click on photos to enlarge.


Cat in the Window Winner’s Charity Paid.


She kept us hanging in there for a few days, but the winner of the drawing for the “Cat in the Window” prompt just got in touch and I’ve sent a dollar for every person who entered to her charity of choice, “Reading is Fundamental.”  Thanks, Tammy, from Tammy’s Reading Life

Winner of “Cat in the Window” and new Cat Prompt

A cat in confinement (of her own choice, of course.)

Remember my “Cat in the Window” prompt? I pledged to have a drawing of all participants at the end of May and send a contribution equal to the number of participants to the charity of the winner’s choice.  This is April 30 and I just did the drawing  and sent this message off to Tammy at Tammy’s Reading Life

Hi Tammy. You, along with 31 other bloggers or Facebook friends, entered a photo for the “Cat in the Window” prompt on my blog. I had promised to have a drawing and to contribute an amount equal to the number of participants to the winner’s favorite charity. Congratulations, you are the winner!! if you tell me the name of your favorite charity, I will send them $31. It needs to be a charity I can pay via Paypal as I live in Mexico and a check would take 4 months to get there, if I could even find my checkbook.Thanks for playing along. Just today I published a post, “Cats in Confinement.” If you have a fun photo on this topic to post, just link it to my post in comments. Hope to hear from you soon. Judy

Thanks to everyone who sent or published photos of cats in windows.  Just today I published three pictures of cats in confinement. Want to play along? Post a photo of a cat in confinement and send a link to this site:


Cat in the Window, Apr 12, Candace Spence

Here is a photo I received via email from my friend Candace Spence, who is the 25th person to send an image!  The prompt is still alive until the end of April! HERE is the place to link your photo if you are putting it onto your blog. We’ve just hit 25 entries, so on May 1 I will hold a drawing and donate up to $100 to the charity of choice of the winner of the drawing, depending on how many entries there are. You can also see links to a number of the photos there.

thumbnail_IMG_0232photo by Candace Spence

Cat in the Window, April 11


This fat cat had installed herself amongst my friend’s art supplies, perhaps a hint that she herself was worthy of becoming art, and so I assisted in this feat.

One more cat in the window photo, and we’ll have 25 and a guaranteed payoff to the charity of choice of whomever’s name is drawn, but the challenge goes on all of April, so I’ll keep adding to the ‘kitty” up to the amount of $100.  Okay to enter more than once! When the count hits 25, I’ll republish the list of entrants, so check to make sure I got your name on the list. Please establish a link to the site given below:

Here is the challenge site to link to: https://judydykstrabrown.com/2019/04/07/cat-in-the-window/