What I Love about Lake Chapala: WP Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m supposed to tell you what I like about the place where I live and to take you on a tour, so here goes. I’m surprised that this tour doesn’t contain more scenic and village shots, but time and again, the images I wanted to share were of activities, people, flowers, trees and animals. I don’t even have many shots of the scenic streets of Ajijic. Activities, the arrangement of objects,  people and animals have always captured my interest more than places.

This is the town where I’ve lived for 16 years–the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my life since high school. I live a short ways out of the town of Ajijic in a hot springs area in the mountains. One hour from Guadalajara, we are one mile high, surrounded by mountains, looking down on the biggest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala. It is a little Shangri-la. I shouldn’t be telling you about it! This is a self-guided tour. I hope you enjoy the images.

Click on the first photo to enlarge them all and to see as a slide series.





22 thoughts on “What I Love about Lake Chapala: WP Weekly Photo Challenge

      1. slmret

        There’s no rush! Huntington Beach is only about 20 miles up the coast, so a lunch or dinner would be easy to arrange as long as I’m home! I’ll look forward to meeting you!



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