Once when I was younger, poundage was the thing—
as I obsessed about the growth calories might bring.
Every morning on the scale, I checked for extra girth.
Any extra poundage was how I gauged my worth.
But now that I am older, I check the mirror first
before I stop to weigh myself or slake my morning thirst.
First thing on my agenda, if I have the chance,
is to approach my mirror to have a daily glance.
Now every little wrinkle, every little line
viewed within my mirror brings a little whine.
But when I step upon the scale, there’s less there to regret.
If I’ve gained a pound or two, I vow just to forget.
For if I’ve found new wrinkles, all that I can say
is every extra pound I gain just stretches them away.


I wrote to this exact prompt four years ago, so here it is again. The prompt word today is wrinkle.

19 thoughts on “Wrinkle

  1. Sohair

    Nice one..but i am not with the idea of decreasing wrinkles by extra pounds…over weight is harmful in all aspects..wrinkles now are decreased by dermatologists through several medical methods…
    Have a great day my beautiful lady ..


  2. frazzledagain

    It is true! When you put weight on, you fill out the erinkles. So we can say, we just haven’t grown into our wrinkles yet! Not that I want to grow into my wrinkles mind you! Fun poem.


  3. updownflight

    Though I agree that being very overweight is not a good idea for health purposes, I can say that I think that older people perhaps need not have the same low goals as younger people. I can say that 135 lbs when I was 20 looked really good, but 135 lbs on me at 46 is too skinny.

    My dad has gone on ambitious diets and lost a lot of weight fast. He’d reach his goal of 180 something (he’s 6’3″) and though he felt really good, people were asking him if he had cancer. He gained about 15 lbs and he indeed looked healthier and seemed to have fewer wrinkles and sag.

    At 46 and my height and build (large bones and leftover ballet muscles in legs) I think 154 lbs would be perfect. It’s a normal BMI for me, and frankly, I look pretty darned good at that weight. I do know, however, that other women even 1/2 ” taller than me think 125 lb is their goal. Let them get there if they want, but I doubt all such women would look better than me at 154 lbs.

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  4. brenda

    Oh the days when I told myself I needed to lose “just” seven more pounds. It didn’t matter how thin I was, I just needed to lose seven mores. Why seven… I have no idea. Then came the day during my menopause transition when I toppled above my highest pregnancy weight gain…sigh. I am beginning to ponder if all the diet stuff and skin care on the market is an extension of snake oil salesmen. Speaking of wrinkles…there are amazing images of people who shine with their wrinkles…beautiful, smiling people. So…great poem as it stirred memories and helps debunk “wrinkled” thinking. 🙂

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Brenda, for your thoughtful consideration of the topic! I agree with you on the people whose beauty shines not only in spite of their wrinkles but because of them.


  5. rogershipp

    “For if I’ve found new wrinkles, all that I can say
    is every extra pound I gain just stretches them away.”

    Thanks for lessening my worries! Now where is that bag of chips???


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oddly enough and truly, Roger, after a lifetime of loving potato chips, since a month and a half ago, the thought of them makes me shudder. I wonder if someone gave me a hypnotic suggestion? That coupled with lack of appetite during this “cold” means a good time to start a diet.



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