Confessions of a Line-Crasher.

Confessions of a Line-Crasher 

Patience is not my forte. I put it on a shelf
and withdraw my impatience. It better suits myself.
I do not enjoy waiting for my turn in a store,
and bank lines make me want to barrel for the door.
I will not take a number when going out to dine.
I do not get my jollies from standing in a line.
Pharmacies and waiting rooms are simply not for me.
Let alone the airport queues when I’ve a need to pee.
If patience is a virtue, I fear I’ve flunked the test,
I think it is my birthright to go before the rest!!!


The prompt today was patience.

12 thoughts on “Confessions of a Line-Crasher.

  1. slmret

    Ooh — there are all those pelicans again — you must have been standing under that tree. The birds seem so patient until they dive for a fish, then you have to look out for them!

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  2. isaiah46ministries

    Spoken like a true impatient one. As I age, I get less patience instead of more. I want to get so much done before my day comes, so I feel like I cannot waste a second. But, alas, I learn that my concerns do not matter to others in front of me.

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  3. Anna Sime

    I love it. I feel that way but can never act on it. My sense that everyone else has the same wishes USUALLY keeps me in my place. If I can sneak into a better place in line, I do and keep looking around to see if there are any angry faces. If not, my guilt disappears.
    Keep writing.



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