July 3, 1947


July 3, 1947

The date above is notable
for reasons that are quotable.
It marks the birth of someone who
has  brought these few words into view
to put them in her blogging queue.
(True, that is what all bloggers do.)

But if there is a blogging heaven,
four thousand one hundred fifty-seven
might certainly be in the running
for snapshotting, rhyming and punning—
all those things we bloggers do
to try to get a rise from you.

In fact, in numbers I’ve been sparing
in how my blog count has been faring.
Blogs four thousand one-fifty-nine
are the numbers I claim as mine
for former blog posts that are done.
The next will end in sixty-one!

With sixty, alas, nothing rhymes
and so it is the least of crimes
that I don’t quote it as a score.
A small malfeasance, nothing more.
As poems go, this is not the best,
so please just rate me by the rest!


The prompt today is notable.

10 thoughts on “July 3, 1947

    1. Anton Wills-Eve

      Judy, there is a rhyme for sixty. In East End London Jewish-Cockney slang the word ‘schicsty’ (when pronounced with a thick London/Yiddish accent.) means Christian. Cockney rhyming slang is very common – eg your North is your mouth, after north and south etc- there are some 1,500 in regular usage. My mother once , on the stage around 1929, was applauded by the bandleader who jokingly said to her when she finished a song “I could marry you”, to which she replied
      “Oh darling Harry
      That would never do
      For I’m a pretty Schicsty
      And you’re a five to two!”
      Until July you’ll still be the same age as my wife!
      XX Anton


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