Private Prisons turn into Concentration Camps

Does 2.65 million dollars in financing for the Republican National Committtee from three private prison firms have anything to do with Trump’s executive order to abolish Obama’s policy of deprivatizing prisons and to turn them into immigration detention  camps for Mexican illegal immigrants and their children? MSNBC claims private prisons have forced immigrant detainees into slavery or they face solitary confinement. Please watch this video!!! 

18 thoughts on “Private Prisons turn into Concentration Camps

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know, Nan. I’m the same way. I feel in a state of permanent outrage.. then fear. I haven’t cried so much in years as I have in the past few days..for opposite reasons. First, the video of Paul McCartney singing those wonderful old songs of peace and love, then the contrast of these brutal acts being perpetrated by our government, coupled with the social security cuts. It’s like a bad reality show where they’re testing us to see how far they can push us.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Yes.. I heard the same. This is such a waste. Unless they turn them into slaves as they have in other facilities, what a waste of lives and manpower. My friend who was a principal in Santa Ana said the Mexican families are terrorized that they will start sweeping the neighborhoods. Their kids were all born here. What will happen to them? It is like the pogroms under Hitler. I’m physically sick to my stomach..and terrified that the next election won’t vote in enough sane souls to stop this horrible horrible trend.

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      2. slmret

        Did I say the numbers keep going up? Now (4 pm) it’s 47K on Camp Pendleton AND 47K at the Naval Weapons Station in Concord (Bay Area)! That’s double what it was this morning, thanks to a leaked planning memo!


      3. lifelessons Post author

        This many people? Are they all people who were caught trying to cross the border illegally or are some those who applied legally? Also, are any of them people who have been living illegally in the States or all those crossing the border? This many people have taken how long to accumulate?


      4. slmret

        I believe they are all people trying to cross the border at California crossings — these are only the numbers for CA detainees! I believe they are to be people waiting for their hearings in front of an INS judge. They haven’t all accumulated yet, but are expected to come in the next few months in the current wave of refugees. I don’t believe they have been living in the US, but the report I saw was not that detailed. Some of them may be trying to enter legally, but have to wait for hearings along with all the others. It says awful things about the US, but it also says some pretty sad things about Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala!

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      5. slmret

        I guess if there is a redeeming factor in all of this it’s the fact that it’s not only migration from Central America to the North, but also throughout the rest of the world. The US should be a leader in compassion and welcome, but we’re not alone in being inundated! I don’t know if there’s a good solution!


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I knew this. It has been on a bunch of different television shows. Private prisons are real moneymakers and they don’t seem to feel any obligation to abide by the law as we understand it. There are also a LOT of corrupt judges who, for a fee, will make sure these prisons are well-populated.



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