Phallus Impudicus or Dead Man’s Mushroom


A mushroom of some variety.  I’ve never seen one before. Pointed out to me by forgottenman in a little town near Big Spring. It had a strange odor and seemed to be attracting flies into its spout. It looks a lot like a baster.  So strange. Thanks, Maria, for identifying what this mushroom is. Check it out on Google for some fascinating information. When I googled it after your giving me its name, I discovered it has a head as well that is probably the part lying on the ground.


10 thoughts on “Phallus Impudicus or Dead Man’s Mushroom

      1. slmret

        Thanks — what a strange fungus! At first I wondered if it might be the stink flower that blooms once a year, but that’s somewhat different. Nature has quite a sense of humor!



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