Dear Donald


Dear Donald

Serving your own needs or colluding with the Russians
may bring Comminatory actions or other repercussions,
for though you may be pardoned for malfeasance of your diction,
we find we can’t forgive you for your constant words of fiction.

The way you won your office and your acts of dereliction
toward the country you have wronged may lead to your conviction.
What sentence might such huge acts of questionable reason
carry, let alone the sentence for your acts of treason?

You meet such accusations with rhetoric and a shrug
while cronies in high office choose to sweep them ‘neath the rug.
What do I recommend should they bring charges and convict you?
Alas, that will not happen. It’s your judges who first picked you!

Prompt words today are recommend, carry, comminatory and conviction.  Lots of c’s!!! Here are links to the sites who created those prompts.  Come play along.

24 thoughts on “Dear Donald

  1. slmret

    He nicely incriminated himself when on his trip to California. In a town called Paradise that was burned off the map earlier this month, he expressed shock at the devastation he saw in “Pleasure,” and followed that with a comment that Pleasure looked like it was a nice town! Said it twice before the Gov and gov-elect both corrected him in one breath, then commented again that he was shocked at the devastation in Paradise!

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  2. Eric Said Nothing

    I saw your post in the reader and i was about to move along because I’m on a quest to remove negativity, which is why I don’t watch MSM, but I wanted to give it a read. I’m interested in learning what it is you see that I don’t. Honest to god, I don’t get your anger at this man. So, I read your poem and appreciate your use of the prompt words. The overall tone of the poem was baseless anger. TDS running rampant. Interesting. I’ll have to keep on my quest to find answers because there is none here. Oh well.


  3. Lwbut

    No chance of any comminatory action by Trump on Saudi Arabia or the Prince then?

    Clearly state sponsored assassination of journalists you don’t like is perfectly fine with the Donald. CNNN better watch out. 😦


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Sigh. No rebuttal. First time I ever really saw news and the behavior of the U.S. in relation to other countries from a different perspective was when I emigrated to Australia in 1971. I ended up not staying beyond two years, but it changed my entire perspective on the world. And I did travel and live in many other countries as well after that, so I didn’t backslide!!

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