Born Lazy


Born Lazy

You can have your tennis, your jogging, golf and hiking.
I’d rather spend time coasting while other souls are biking.

You’ll never find my name in the record books of Guinness,
for I don’t excel at basketball or badminton or tennis.

Somehow, nature slighted me when it came to “gameness.”
When asked to participate, I simulate my lameness.

I guess I was born lazy. I simply love my bed.
I pretend not to hear it when the cat yowls to be fed.

When duty calls, I plug my ears and happily roll over.
I find it is more comfortable here in beds of clover.

10 thoughts on “Born Lazy

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve been on a two-week prednisone vacation and I can MOVE again. I know it’s temporary, but I’m thinking of lobbying for a long-term run of this. Because I’m turning 72 and a lot of the pieces in my body have a lifespan, In ten years, I’ll need to replace my pacemaker and two heart valves and I’m pretty sure I’ll say “no thank you.” If I’m going to live, I’d like to be alive and mobile. The last few years has been “pain management.” I need more than that.

    And … TADA! … I can sleep because I can find a comfortable position to do it in!



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