Green Cuisine


Christine Goodnough knows me so well. When she issued this challenge, she probably knew I’d not only do her bidding, but exceed it.  Here is her challenge:

I enjoyed your poem very much. However, it did set my mind to whirling, especially the part about ugly words having a charm of their own. So here are a few…er…unique words. And since it’s April, they’re green. I challenge you to whip up a poem with three of them. 😉

poison ivy


Yes, of course I used not only three but all of them.  Overachievers never grow up, after all.

Green Cuisine

Since my parakeet moved to Greenland, green things are all he’ll eat,
so cuisine without much chlorophyll is sure to meet defeat.
He’ll eat poison ivy and rosemary and dill.
Basil with fettuccine is welcome in his bill.

But just plain yellow birdseed is a taste he’d never pick.
He prefers green tea ice cream even though he cannot lick.
His speed devouring veggies is the fastest I have seen
so long as I remember that those veggies must be GREEN!!

12 thoughts on “Green Cuisine

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      1. macalder02

        I do not speak English and I do not have the experience of you to do a challenge like that. Anyway, I thank you heartily for your invitation. You are very kind and an excellent writer and poet.


  2. nakedinfiniverse

    Only you would use all of the words in this challenge… you, and perhaps me. But I’ll give it a miss, rather than make it look like some kind of a contest – which, having read this poem, I believe I would lose



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