Water: for DVerse Poets


Rivulets running down the windowpane
Another two join together, racing for the windowsill.
Is there any chance they’ll call off school?
Nah.  Not for rain. Never.

Creatures chasing each other across the sky.
Looking like one thing and then the other.
Old men,
Drifting and changing almost before you can see what they were before.

Shivering near the window. 
Now rivulets frozen into patterns on the glass.
Obscured by snowflakes frozen in lacy patterns.
Wonderland viewed safe inside. No school today.

For dVerse Poets “Water” prompt.

20 thoughts on “Water: for DVerse Poets

  1. robtkistner

    Interesting how life, time, circumstances can change something we knew,or thought to be one thing, into something different. It’s life, and we have no control of it, no matter how much we may wish we did… this is what your poem spoke to me, and I like it Judy.

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  2. Victoria Stuart

    I love the journey water takes in this poem, Judy. The window holding the space for the many shapes of the water. This line especially resonates with me, “Unicorns,
    Drifting and changing almost before you can see what they were before.” (Driving in the car with my grandson who calls out each shape and I know to look quickly.)


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I remember being a kid and watching it snow and hoping, just hoping, it would be enough to call off school. Now, here, it snows so much they have to add on extra days at the end of the year to make up for all those snow days!



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