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Water: for DVerse Poets


Rivulets running down the windowpane
Another two join together, racing for the windowsill.
Is there any chance they’ll call off school?
Nah.  Not for rain. Never.

Creatures chasing each other across the sky.
Looking like one thing and then the other.
Old men,
Drifting and changing almost before you can see what they were before.

Shivering near the window. 
Now rivulets frozen into patterns on the glass.
Obscured by snowflakes frozen in lacy patterns.
Wonderland viewed safe inside. No school today.

For dVerse Poets “Water” prompt.

dVerse Poets Open Link: If I Were Water and You Were Air


If I Were Water and You Were Air

I used to be restless water—
only the froth and currents
of a moving life.

Now I am still water,
sinking down to where
I can be found
by anyone willing to stand quietly
and look.

Is it true that moving water never freezes?
Is it true that still waters run deep?
Is it true that we are wed in steam?

“What if, caught by air,
it never lets me go?” I ask.

“But even water
turned to air
must fall at last,” you say.

“And what if I fall farther from you?”
I say. “Or what if I never again find banks
that open to contain me?”

I used to be swift flowing water.
Now I am a pool that sinks me deeper every year.
So deep, so deep I sink
that on its way to find me,
even air may lose its way.


This is a poem written 5 years ago.

For dVerse Poets.  See other poems from dVerse  HERE.

Water Fetish

Water Fetish

From my time of birth up to my years septuagenarian,
if it were my choice, I always chose to be riparian.
I hate the sound of silence, for I find it rather static,
but I love the sound of water, be it tidal or erratic.

A little water rushing by or falling from a height
is lulling to my hearing and pleasing to my sight.
It contributes to my happiness, creates a sense of calm—
a sensory diversion that serves me as a balm.

So to add to my contentment, no need for feast or cake.
Just plant me by a river or a waterfall or lake.
All I need is just a little water in my view.
If you want to make me happy, just provide the H20!!!

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The prompt words today are erratic, feast, riparian and contribute. Here are the links: