Cat in the Window, Apr 12, Candace Spence

Here is a photo I received via email from my friend Candace Spence, who is the 25th person to send an image!  The prompt is still alive until the end of April! HERE is the place to link your photo if you are putting it onto your blog. We’ve just hit 25 entries, so on May 1 I will hold a drawing and donate up to $100 to the charity of choice of the winner of the drawing, depending on how many entries there are. You can also see links to a number of the photos there.

thumbnail_IMG_0232photo by Candace Spence

5 thoughts on “Cat in the Window, Apr 12, Candace Spence


    Hi Judy,

    Love the cat in the window pix. I didn’t know how to put it on the link so I’m sending it here. It’s “Orlando with Cowboy Boot”

    xoxoo Judy

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Judy, I don’t see it. Where did you send it? It didn’t show up in comments. If all else fails, send it to email and I’ll put it on my blog with credit to you.



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