Cat in the Window Prompt

Here are a couple of my own “Cat in the Window” shots, as well as one by my friend Gloria. The story behind her shot is that I was visiting at her house and we were talking about “things” we loved.  She brought out this bronze cat and said it was something she’d thought she liked, but she’d never been able to find a place for.  I suggested she put it on the windowsill and she said she often put flowers there, but I said, no, I meant to put it on the outside sill between the window and the window grill. She just sent me this photo.  Perfect!


And, here is a recent little encounter acted out inside/outside my kitchen between my very reclusive older cat, Annie, who is still resentful of the four kittens I adopted two years ago. She is just now starting to allow a few overtures from Kukla, who with her brother Ollie is one of the two remaining “kittens” who are pretty much outside cats except for occasional nighttime visits inside, where Annie is pretty much the crabby occupant to their tentative visitor. (Click on the first photo below to enlarge and view all.)

It could be be beginning of a beautiful friendship, or Annie might just be coveting Kukla’s breakfast.

Now, please share your “Cat in the Window” photos. And don’t forget to tell us the story behind the photo! Publish them in your blog and put a link in comments below or if you don’t have a blog, just send me the photo via Facebook or email.

28 thoughts on “Cat in the Window Prompt

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    Here is my list of those who have entered so far. If you’ve sent a cat photo and aren’t on this list, please let me know!
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