Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers

Each animal survives because of some unique ability.
The chipmunk gets along in life because of its nimbility.
It scampers over rocks and logs with speed and grace and pluck
to grab up errant picnic crumbs (on days when it’s in luck.)

Lions live by tooth and claw and speed to hunt their prey.
Cows just use their molars to masticate their hay.
Incisors furnish beavers with foliage and bark.
Raccoons have larger eyes than us for hunting in the dark.

If food in lofty places is what monkeys desire,
they can use prehensile thumbs to journey ever higher,
but an elephant’s long trunk can help him reach what he may please

obviating his necessity to climb up trees.

Humans , however, do not need  trunks or speed or climbing.
They do not need agility or viciousness or timing.
They have no need to wait in hiding by some water hole.
They simply use their money to buy  filet of sole!


Today’s prompt words are nimble, obviate, desire and money. Here are the links:
FOWC with Fandango — Obviate

12 thoughts on “Hunters and Gatherers

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I took this photo in 1967 in Kenya. Looooong time ago. The elephants were the red of the dirt. Loved it. Our bus slid off the road and tilted sideways over a drainage ditch so we had to jump out of the windows of the lower side of the bus to get out as they were afraid it would tip entirely over. I have a photo of a friend jumping out of the window that I’ll have to find. Then a “safari” of 30 or so of us walking down the dirt road to the nearest inhabited place that had a phone to call for help. This was long before days of cell phones. Seems like they should have had a short wave but I don’t think they did. We finally reached a small lodge where they made us sandwiches and I remember when I opened mine, it was swarming with ants!

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  1. Zeeshan Amin

    Each animal has a unique niche that ensures its survival. This teaches humans to identify their individual niches/skills/strengths. I am not taking about our vocations; I am referring to a lifelong career that can be pursued passionately till last breath like Picasso, Einstein etc.

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