Why us?

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Why Us?

How pedestrian my life has become––this human zoo narrowed down to one cage, the only fortune now available—bad fortune. The modern plague is now upon us and we are all engaged in this one big gamble: to live our former lives or to be safe. Do we chance a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Risk a grandchild’s health by one short encounter?  We treat this threat as though it is a new one, whereas it has been always with us, with lesser odds.

The birds call just as loudly outside with equal variety as before the onslaught. Cattle in their fields mill and low. The bats swarm out each night and sneak back under roof tiles without my detection as I lie slumbering ten feet away.

The world has not changed that much except for us, cowering in our safe and comfortable caves. Why us? Why only us? The question we should consider.


Words of the day are pedestrian, gamble, zoo, fortune and girlfriend.

10 thoughts on “Why us?

  1. gilian

    Such a dreadful time especially for those who are already part;y suffering. We can’t even see our friends and relatives. Stay safe from the Mid East! Nice photos. 😃


  2. slmret

    I hadn’t really thought about that until now — but as I think about it, it occurs to me that animals die along the way. We have developed our medical protections to the extent that we don’t die so easily. Thus, when a new disease appears, we don’t have the natural immunity that we have built up for colds, flus, etc. , and more of us

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It does. And we make antibiotics and they then mutate more quickly to overcome them. But, nature usually doesn’t have to create such a huge event to cull out any other creature.. perhaps because they don’t go so far to wipe out other species. If there is a problem nature deals with it, but with man it is a bigger problem. Overpopulation and our need to conquer and change all creates problems that require a huge disciplinary hand.

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