Captain, Oh Captain

Image by Kyle Ryan on Unsplash. Used with permission.

Captain, Oh Captain

We need a precise president, not one who estimates,
prescribing iffy medicine while there are still debates
concerning its effectiveness. It’s time to mutiny
and elect someone smart who has ability to see
that fabrication will not do when truth is all that works
to save a world that up ’til now is reeling from the quirks
of one who simply opens lips to see what will fall out.
Our head of state is lacking brains—of that there is no doubt!

An engine cannot run when it doesn’t have the fuel,
and since our ship of state is being fueled by a fool
who does not know the difference between reality
out here in the real world and reality TV,
we have to be the ones who care enough for our survival
to oust this man who runs our country like a sham revival.
We need to put the bounce back in a country that is failing,
and elect a brand new captain for the ship that he’s been sailing.


Word prompts for today are precise, engine, bounce, mutiny and care.

Please check out the news report below regarding Donald Trump prescribing medicine for Coronavirus that has not been scientifically or medically approved:


11 thoughts on “Captain, Oh Captain

  1. V.J. Knutson

    Has anyone checked how many stocks he owns in that drug? Really? What’s the take for him? You wouldn’t recommend asthma medication for someone with a heart issue, so why a lupus drug for a killer virus?

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  2. slmret

    This whole episode in world history has been so badly handled in this country that mutiny may be the only answer! Is it time for another impeachment inquiry? Or for the 25th amendment? Certainly a new President will help, but what a lot of work there is ahead for that person! I had wondered about the Pres, who is so healthy, taking the drug ‘just because’ — am intritued by the idea of stock ownership as a motivator!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Tiffany. I keep thinking I will write something that is not about Trump or Coronavirus. I had written an entirely different poem today but decided enough was enough so I threw it away and bashed myself instead of Trump!!!

      Liked by 1 person


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