He displays such fierce bravado, barking at the man
who dares to try approach me. He’ll bite him if he can.
If he does not get his nuance, perhaps he’ll get his grasping.
If he can’t heed the exposed teeth, perhaps he’ll get their clasping.

If that human could but read the globes of Morrie’s widening eyes,
he’d need no communication in any other guise
from this dog that has decided he is his only rival
for his mistress’s affection. Every time, there’s a revival

of his barking and his lunging should this man dare approach me.
It’s as though he fears he’s coming with intentions to come poach me.
With everybody else, he is a charmer through-and-through.
He cannot wait to make a friend of anyone who’s new.

His emotions are a crazy-quilt of trying hard to please—
of greeting you with ball in mouth and jumping at your knees.
He cannot wait for you to sit to jump up on your lap
and insists on long ear rubbings before he takes a nap.

He’s every visitor’s best friend. Greets strangers on the beach,
and will bring a ball to anyone he finds who’s within reach.
Never will he wear out when chasing after balls.
He goes to bed when I demand and answers all my calls.

But why he feels my gardener of nineteen years duration
is a threat to me, and such a threatening aberration
that he flies to my defense whenever he is near,
is a mystery that I’ve not solved, and never will, I fear.


Prompt words today are bravado, globe, quilt, nuance and grasping.

7 thoughts on “Morrie

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Morrie really is very well-trained. The only time he doesn’t mind is when I tell him to stop barking at Pasiano and trying to bite his shoes…The only way I can get him to stop is to tell him to go to his bed and he always minds when I tell him to do this.


    2. lifelessons Post author

      I can’t help but wonder if Pasiano once kicked or hurt him in some way, but he only barks and goes after him when he gets close to me. And he is the only one Morrie does this to. So strange.



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