Top of the Morning Visitor



IMG_9538 3.jpeg

I can’t remember ever seeing a creature like this before. If it is a wasp, I’ve never seen one with these markings. It took a nap on my fern for so long I feared it was dead, but when I came out again, it had flown away. 


For the Top of the Squares Challenge

23 thoughts on “Top of the Morning Visitor

    1. lifelessons Post author

      We are amazed by the same things, then. I am fascinated by insects..their alien bodies and incredibly artistic raiment. This one looks like he’s dressed for a party–all those colors and patterns. Striped pants and a fancy belt. What is it in nature that loves beauty so much on every level.. even down to the molecular. How beautiful even the deadly coronavirus is. Perhaps the animals we hunt think the same of us..Those wild black and red hunting jackets!!! Why are we surprised that things hunt us when we have so cruelly depleted the earth of different species?

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