Hibiscus: FOTD 5/13/2020

This beauty just burst out yesterday. Third time it has bloomed but the second time it disappeared before I could get a photo. Either there is a flower thief in the yard or I was hallucinating. I saw it on my way to the hammock to have a nap. After my nap, 2 hours later, went up to the house to get my camera and as I passed its location, it had vanished. Not fallen. No petals below. Just gone. Has Diego developed a taste for hibiscus? A really hungry snail? Some bird? I’ll never know..

12 thoughts on “Hibiscus: FOTD 5/13/2020


    Beautiful~! Do not blame Diego, a few weeks back you had canna-lilies and I thought my self, I wonder if she has a problem with snails…. For years in the Houston area, any time I had canna lilies the snails would hide in the big leaves and while I was not looking they would eat big holes in everything. Finally just gave up and removed the lilies because then the snails would move on to other plants,,,,,,But what do I know~! (a little salt on the snail will make him curl up)

    My Star of Texas hibiscus (the only hibiscus I can grow here), is up to about five feet above the water right now and putting on buds, in about three weeks. So fast growing, I was wondering if Pasiano, when he empties your pool water, leaves a wit spot, they would grow in any wet spot from seeds and not be invasive. I will keep you in mind when they start to seed.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I hate to kill snails and have found a way to keep them away from my plants. Just cut up hair clippings very small and sprinkle around the plants. It gets under their shells and they hate it so they stay away. Coffee grounds supposedly drive them away as well.


    2. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t think a snail would have completely devoured the entire flower in two hours, though. I’ve never seen them do anything except eat holes in them. I think it was aliens.



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