Trump’s Bone Spurs Act Up At West Point.

You’ve probably all seen these Stephen Colbert episodes, but just in case, I’m making it easy to do so. I heard Alice Walker speak at the beginning of Trump’s reign and she gave us ten ways to survive the Trump years. The last one was to get all of your political news from comedians. These are great examples.One more coming up.


4 thoughts on “Trump’s Bone Spurs Act Up At West Point.

  1. SueW

    I suppose it’s easy to forget that not all your followers are American – Like thousands of other bloggers I don’t live there, so no, I’d not heard of the man until today, But I love the episodes you’ve shown, he really made me laugh, he is definitely worth watching again.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have the same problem sometimes reading blogging friends in England and India and need to ask for terms to be interpreted. Please do ask for explanation if I’m ever obscure. He has a nightly show. I don’t have TV so wait until one crosses my path on the internet, but Google will be your friend with that. He’s always right-on and humorous, which makes news easier to take lately.

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