Times Three

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For a Photo a Week Challenge: Threes

10 thoughts on “Times Three

    1. lifelessons Post author

      This is when they first appeared. Climbed up the bougainvillea and chased Annie away from her food. They were starving! Ollie was still in a box on the outside of the wall. They all moved in that day. If you think one kitten is fun, you should try four of them some time!!!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes. It was taken in the morning. I was going out to open the garage door so Pasiano could put out the garbage and I spotted one tiny kitten eating at Annie’s food bowl on the front wall by the steps up to the garage. Annie–a full-grown cat– was skulking in the bougainvilleas spilling over the wall and if she tried to approach, the kitten would hiss and drive her off. I motioned to her and P. noticed her and we were laughing, just amazed. When the garage door opened, we went out and there. were two other kittens climbing the bougainvillea and one more in a box turned on its side. Within minutes all except the runt in the box were up on the wall eating Annie’s food. The runt, half the size of the others, was Ollie, the only male. He was soon twice the size of the others. Sadly, in the two years hence, two of the kittens have vanished and Annie has passed away, but Kukla and Ollie still grace my house.

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