The Archbishop Gets Forgetful

The Archbishop Gets Forgetful

Priests in town know when the archbishop is about,
he’s bound to have a new batch of indulgences to tout.
And though he’s their head honcho so they must all be respectful,
when they see him coming they get super-genuflectful.
“Please dear Lord, don’t make us sell the pardons that he has!”
These days that sort of fund-raising carries no pizazz.
Paying their bills as he suggests has no appeal at all.
They’d really rather make do with St. Vincent de Paul.
Yet no one wants to tell him that selling the way to heaven
was outlawed by the church way back in fifteen sixty-seven!

Prompt words for today are honcho, pizzazz, respectful, tout and bill.


10 thoughts on “The Archbishop Gets Forgetful

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Anton!!! I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you were. You read my mind. I also thought of you when I wrote the poem, which was meant tongue-in-cheek and not as an inditement. I was a big fan of Chaucer and other 14th through 16th century writers and so the topic of indulgences occasionally came up. Of course the Archbishop was a bit dotty and didn’t realize they were no longer in vogue, let alone for sale via the clergy. How are you both? I’m staying close to home. Went out socially for only the second time in 4 months for a friend’s birthday party distancing maintained and held outside… only 16 people. Fingers crossed. I go out only to the bank and to get groceries occasionally. oxoxo J



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