Who Are America’s Frontline Doctors?

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10 thoughts on “Who Are America’s Frontline Doctors?

  1. David

    Judy, in general my sentiments are very similar to yours, but in this case I feel taking a closer look at the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine through numerous large studies around the world is worth checking out. I have links to a number of these studies. This is only one: https://www.sermo.com/press-releases/largest-statistically-significant-study-by-6200-multi-country-physicians-on-covid-19-uncovers-treatment-patterns-and-puts-pandemic-in-context/ Let me know if you’d like to see more. Because the pharmaceutical companies have billions invested in creating high priced medicines and vaccines, they are into a colossal smear job against anything that is inexpensive and effective. In addition, there are other effective ways to greatly minimize the risk of Covid19 as well that are basically hidden from anyone that doesn’t dive a little deeper.


      1. David

        Hi Judy, thank you for responding. The mainstream news services in the US, in my opinion, are part of the coverup. They are largely in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and protect their interests over the interests of the people. Ok, I’m a bit of a radical, but feel that low dose Hydroxychloroquine taken early on has an excellent track record. As much as we can’t stand Trump and Bolsonaro, they have chosen to use Hydroxychloroquine, not because they are intelligent, but my guess is that they’re getting good advice and of course only looking out for themselves. In the end it’s hard to know anything, but if I were to contract Covid 19, I would not hesitate to use hydroxy through a physician who has had success using it.


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