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Lucille Out-Grouchos Groucho

After reading the comment about the Mirror skit done by the Marx Brothers, Forgottenman sent me a link to this Video of Lucille Ball and Harpo doing a replay. Such fun.


Art Studio Sweep

I came down to my studio for the first time in a long time. Since I had my camera, I did a little sweep around the room to let you know what a collage artist’s studio looks like. It is very very small–5 feet by 20 feet–so every inch needs to count. Perhaps I’ll show you the inside of some of those drawers later…

Rainy Season Vignettes

The rainy season came on with a vengeance late this afternoon,

driving the dogs to my door, begging for admittance in spite of the fact that they had their own snug doggie domain just feet away,


driving the cats away from their dinner on the patio outside the kitchen door 

to their snug haven in the garage,

and furnishing uninvited guests with a banquet of soggy kitty kibbles. Guess which ones love the rain?

(You must click on the above photo to really see it well.)

And, it fed the flowers, too!!!

Skating Lessons

photo by Gloria Palazzo

Skating Lessons

Bazooka or Double Bubble
the biggest decision I had to make that June,
my mentor was the girl six years my senior
who lived two houses away.
Brown braids and freckles,
her calm made order out of mayhem,
her smile resolving daily skinned knees and bruises.
A skate key on a cord around her neck—
always dependable,
like some preteen utilitarian angel.

I skated through July,
hanging my last
in a long line
of replacement skate keys
securely around my neck
from my dad’s old compass cord,

knowing by some prescience
far beyond my years
that mentors, like meteors,
streak by quickly and are soon out of sight.


And…..remember this song very pertinent to the topic at hand?

Prompt words are mentor, compass, mayhem and bazooka.