School Reunions

School Reunions

Entangled in the distant past, we recall and illuminate
those fifty-year-old stories as we gather to ruminate.
Pranks, first loves and scandals so far back in our past,
it’s as though it was a movie in which we all were cast.

That thumbtack “someone” placed upon our history teacher’s chair.
Will the scoundrel confess at last? But no, he doesn’t dare.
And in our sixties, will we snitch? No, there is not one.
Not one of us reveals the answer to that smoking gun.

The raided slumber parties, the trips up England’s hill,
we tell the stories of our past until we’ve had our fill,
then jump to doleful stories of tragedies and sorrows—
the few of those lost in their youth, deprived of all their morrows.

Hayrides by the river, pep rallies and school dances,
boys passing girls in cars on Main, pondering their chances.
Wild Homecoming raids on barns where we were building floats,
whisperings in Civics class and furtively passed notes.

Both schools we passed those years in have been felled by wrecking crews,
replaced by newer buildings, erasing all the clues
of years we spent within them, the carvings on the desks,
all our various antics as we lived out youth’s burlesques.

Our memories getting dimmer, each five years, we choose to meet
to reminisce and chew the fat. To drink and dance and eat.
We don’t discuss the present. It’s as though it’s in a haze
as we go back to live our half-remembered yesterdays.

Prompt words today are entangle, doleful, ruminate and jump.

23 thoughts on “School Reunions

  1. XingfuMama

    So true about the focus on the past. I went to a reunion for the small town highschool I would have gone to if my parents hadn’t divorced when I was in middle school. No one asked where I went to college, or what my profession was: it was always “where did you go to elementary school?”
    Vashon Island when I was young had two elementary schools. It was kind of an eye opener that no one really cared what happened after 1980. Or may too many hadn’t had the success they had hoped for and wanted to focus on the past. Very few people born and raised on the Island still lived there. The cost of real estate and living has sky rocketed.
    I’m not going back.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I continue to go to mine. They didn’t have one this year but I guess they’ve moved it to next year. It’s a chance to see the entire town, which only has 700 people in it, although there are hardly any living there who lived there when I did. Everyone my parents’ age has passed away but there are a few friends my age who still live there and others who moved away but who still come back. My sister always goes, so it is a chance to see her. hopefully, we’ll be out of a quarantine state by July, 2021.

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    Oh thanks for that, I loved it~!!… And it gives me enough material for at least a couple of chapters more in my book…. I was a cutup because I did not have much trouble learning, so had time on my hands (you might say) to think those things up.

    Some of our tricks were set to go off after we left the room. Like the time “Teeme” Laborde (her nickname was actually “Tee Moi” or “little me”, but we pronounced it TeeMe. she was actually about six feet tall and a great basketball star~! So we did not much like the Liberian in school because all she did was rap her pencil on the desk and sussh us. So Teeme and I moved to every table in the Library removing the nuts on every table leg, leaving them all balanced on their heavy legs.

    Everyone in the room knew what we were doing, and when the bell rang we all quietly exited the room. We then waited in the hall for the next class to come in, and that is when all hell broke loose with all the tables falling down at the same time~! I got caught~! (I think that someone snitched) and I had the evidence of all of those nuts and a winch in my pocket, so I threw the evidence out the window…. They made Teeme and me go outside throughout the next class looking for those nuts.

    I think that I could write several pages of our escapades, and in fact put some of them to rhyme, but this time maybe just telling them would be more fun. Most were just kids having fun but a little more serious than holding up a “reserved” sign~! And in college we actually got a little more serious~! But that’s another story~!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      One year, shortly after forgottenman and I met, he actually came to my school reunion with me. Brave man. This was taken the night before the reunion when we ate at one of the two restaurants in town. The entire rest of the restaurant and attached bar was filled with people there for the reunion and so it really started a day early. As I remember, he spent the rest of the two days of the reunion in our motel room! I had fun as I was the only single female class member there and I got to dance with a lot of old friends and boyfriends and then went home to him! Best of both worlds.

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        So only two questions: first how did your arms get so banged up~! And second, does forgottenman always take all the extra sugar, and cream home with him, or is that just pencils~? Actually you both look really nice and happy, one thing I could not do when a bunch of people got together talking about old times. Acually I would rather just write about them.

        Wow the humming birds are going crazy today. They are standing in line to get to the feeders. One of them has a sign on his back: “Ajijic, and not coming back~!” Poet on the wing, I guess~!



    I did not say much about reunions because I only remember about three. Most of the time on the given date I was far away and only went back home on my schedule. The ones I did got to were mostly people trying to impress me with their success in life, and any stories of my life would have fallen on unbelieving ears. Today I can not find even one of my school mates left alive, SAD~!

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  4. slmret

    Reunions are really fun when you remember most of the people there — ours have sort of petered out, though — they’re a lot of work to put together, and the volunteers decided not to make the effort for the 60th! I wonder if there will be others coming up? I have another 60th coming up (college) next spring — hope to be able to get to the east coast for that one!

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        My one sister who was next to me in age, took in and enjoyed every one or theirs. They also communicated in between each one and visited often…. But she was much more gregarious than I am (I guess). I did enjoy visiting with her friends online as well, and cards at times, but it seems that we boys sort of went our own ways for the most part.


          1. SAM VOELKER

            J. D-B > 5K followers~!
            M.V.C. < 5 if I could get rid of a few uninvited, such as that 16 year old who found the fountain of youth~!
            Now if cats, dogs, and birds could just write I could catch up.
            I rest my case~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      My fiftieth was in 2015 and I was there. This year’s was cancelled for us as well. They are scheduling it for next year. We have one every 5 years for all of the classes to meet at the same time. Very small town.



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