Give Me That Blue (Quadrille for dVerse Poets)


Not the blue of a heart before forgetting.
The blue of the sky above Colima Volcano,
no other clouds in it except one puff
of earth’s hot breath becoming visible
in the cool morning air.
Like blue caught in icicles.
Give me that blue.


A personal note of interest. The water in my house is heated by this volcano!
For dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Sky

17 thoughts on “Give Me That Blue (Quadrille for dVerse Poets)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’m 80 miles from the volcano, Peter. When they drilled the well for my fraccionamiento, they hit a vein of water that is heated by the magma of the volcano. I do have to put the water into a cistern where it cools down before I use it in the house and have a separate cistern to cool it down before I water plants and the yard. It comes directly into my pool and hot tub, but I mix the pool water with cooled down water and have to wait 8 hours or more for the hot tub water to cool down. Only twice in 19 years have I experienced a slight earthquake when Colima erupts and I occasionally see a venting. This picture was taken when I was driving by the volcano on my way to La Manzanilla where I used to spend a few months every year. Several times I’ve caught it venting while driving by.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Ron. There is a color of blue that affects me so negatively that I once had to close my eyes to be led out of a room. But two other shades of blue are among my favorite colors.. so odd. Needless to say, I am very afffected by hues and shades.



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