Last Dance

Last Dance

It’s taxing my limits, this spirited dance.
I’d like to sit down if he’d give me a chance.
If I were more candid I’d say it’s enough,
but finding an opening to do so is tough.

He spins me and whirls me and then grabs my hips
as though he is plotting some aerial flips.
Ensconced in the music, he hasn’t a clue
that my hair’s come undone and I’ve only one shoe.

He seems not to notice that I’ve grown more frantic
as each new maneuver grows more corybantic.
I’m so exhausted, I fear I might drop,
and I pray for the band to finally stop.

I’m tired of following, tired of dips.
I can take no more swirls, no maneuvers or flips.
When I land on my feet, I bolt from the floor,
I retrieve my shoe and I make for the door.

I sprint down the street, and when I find my ride,
I lock all the doors once I’m safely inside.
And since that day, I’m relieved to report,
I’ve vowed to make dancing a spectator sport!


Prompt words for the day are tax, ensconced, corybantic and candid.

9 thoughts on “Last Dance

  1. Dale T. Wilson

    Fabulous. I ache just reading this marvelous imagery. Unfortunately,
    dancing has become just that–a spectator sport–for me as well.


  2. Glenda M Roman

    O, the memories of dances past!. I thought those times would ever last. And yet, though Heart and Mind may still want to, the Body states, “No more can do,” except for brief moments of breathless gasps, even as the mirror laughs, and I collapse in helpless glee, remembering the fun of thee and me flying free of gravity, untethered by age and infirmity, (those liars) denying that Spirits don’t age, and thus, still crave, and need, the exercise.

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