The Legacy of Donald Trump (From The Atlantic)

Read this excellent summation of Donald Trump’s four years in office HERE.


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4 thoughts on “The Legacy of Donald Trump (From The Atlantic)

  1. John Hric

    Oh I do hope they are right. Though to hear the reflections of some the party which supports him can well claim a good share of the dishonor. The oath of office is totally lost on them too. And they who continue vote for them. Which is the part that scares me in the quote ‘democracy survived’. Are you sure that Tolkien and Lewis wrote fiction ? The eye of Sauron was on the FDA just yesterday.

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  2. XingfuMama

    I hope that will come to be. Haven’t yet seen evidence that many are breaking out of the spell. The Republican party is not conservative, they are reactionary. Those who signed onto the Texas lawsuit broke their oaths of office. Note also that two Supreme Court justices did too. There is deep treachery afoot. I guess that democracy did not, in fact, prevail. The people pulling the strings decided they want oh, Donny Boy gone for financial reasons is my guess.

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    The most interesting point was that is isn’t ignorance or stupidity that enabled so many Americans to deny the (obvious) truth, but a will act in an attempt to escape reality. That is disturbing on many levels including one fundamental level: WHY do so many people want to escape reality? What is wrong with out world that such a huge percentage of us want nothing more than to run away?



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