Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Insurrection


This message from Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most comforting thing I’ve read since the horrible occurrence at our national Capitol. Republican or Democrat, Trump supporter or Trump reviler, it gives encouragement to come together.

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I just love what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say about the Capitol invasion!

Update: I have several reasons NOT to like Governor Schwarzenegger. He apparently continues to call himself a Republican after all. But he has a distinct talent and flair for making video appeals that I love. Below is another video from 2017 along the same lines as his latest. (Yes, he cusses a couple times, so you must click through to view it directly on YouTube. No idea why that would be so.)

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12 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Insurrection

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Oh, Amen! Very wise words.
    So many bandwagons out there and people love to jump on, to get in on the action, to feel they’re “doing something” to fight a wrong. Mr S. is right: “Go home,” before you’re drawn into the insanity that grips a mob.

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