We cast long shadows in the sun,
but shorter as the day is done,
and when we shrink into our selves,
placing  our souls upon their shelves,
what shadows last? Are our souls
made of  Teflon or are they bowls?
The world’s vendettas should be left
back in the wide world lest their heft
leave our spotless souls bereft
and our inner natures cleft.

Those whom we honor with boundless fame
and lionize in face and name
might sport a very great divide
if we were to see inside—
their nature split  between what they
profess to be—what they might say
and what their true intentions are.
Their true motives might be far
from what we perceive as their intentions.
We cannot know a soul’s dimensions
except by looking at the facts
of how the outer person acts.

What they profess that they believe
may often be used to deceive.
But heart-to-heart, it is absurd
to think truth is conveyed by word.
Some part of us knows deeper meaning
devoid of boasting, strutting, preening.
The soul requires no advertisement,
seeks no excess aggrandizement.
In our soul of souls we know
what is authentic and what’s for show.
That shadow that we cast without

within has very little clout.


This poem is both a commentary and assessment of those who have lately been much in the arena and about ourselves–including myself.

Prompt words today are long shadows, vendetta and lionize.

9 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. isaiah46ministries

    I thought of the healing power of poetry, as I listened to young Amanda Gorman recite her poem at the Inauguration for Biden and Harris. I thought of the many days that your poetry had made me laugh, brought joy to my heart, put in words what I was feeling and didn’t know how to express, and gave my soul nourishment. I thank God for giving you and Amanda Gorman and other poets the talent to take ordinary words and make them extraordinary. I appreciate every word. Thank you.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ah, so kind, Regina.. I appreciate your comments and they always reward me for doing what is rewarded enough in the doing. Now that is an awkward statement. I haven’t heard Amanda Gorman’s poem yet but intended to look it up when I first heard of it. I think a friend has sent a link so I’ll listen to it right now. This has been an especially hectic time in my life..need to take time for what is important. xo


  2. bushboy

    I was wondering why this didn’t appear in my Ragtag comments. Luckily I follow so here I am. It appears the link you set didn’t work. It doesn’t go anywhere.
    Love the words that just flowed through me. Thanks for joining in Judy 🙂



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