The Watchers

The Watchers

Is deja vu imagined or is it re-dreamed dreams—
time as we have lived it leaking at the seams?
Perhaps time is a magnet that draws in all our years
like a solar plexus for all our hopes and fears.

Perhaps it teams together with the universe
presenting itself over so we can rehearse
the choices that we’re given and choose a different course—
one that fate rebels against, another to endorse.

The chance of this may stupefy, for man in his confusion
is prone to make a science out of his delusion.
But forces we know little of perhaps control it all.
They have us in their balance, weighing out our fall.

Prompts for today are deja vu, magnet, stupify, plexus and force.


9 thoughts on “The Watchers


      Great as usual, and using that, my favorite photo, added so much to it~! My effort for today was on a subject I do not much like to write about, because so many people just do not understand my stand on such things. But you, having lived in Muslim places where so much in fighting takes place, will see what I am talking about.

      I just got a note from my little niece, that you put me onto looking for again a while back (thanks~!) She seems to be very sick for he age, but her Couvillion mind is still sharp. I have also been in communicating with the other one who lives in Chapala and exchanging photos, bringing them up to date.


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