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I’m circumspect about temptation,
for though it may cause elation,
due to its duplicity,
it may lead to toxicity.

I believe the oft-heard rumor
that fate has a sense of humor.
Example: you are running late
and seek the airport taxi gate.

When you arrive and reconnoiter
you say you have no time to loiter,
so they let you jump the queue,
but then the taxi runs over you.

Perhaps that only goes to show
there’s some advantage to going slow,
but I believe man’s jubilation
comes from avoiding temptation!

Today’s prompts are temptation, circumspect, toxicity, loiter,
and taxi. Image by Jordan Andrews on Unsplash.


Here’s to Fate!!!


The conferral of my future to the errant whims of fate
has cleansed my mind and eased negative feelings as of late.
My checkered past spread out with joy and pain  in rich array
as I lay me down no longer adds to my dismay.

What comes will come. The practicality of recognizing this
is, in short, what most contributes to my present bliss.


Prompt words for today are array, checkered, practicality, conferral and negative.

C’est la Vie: NaPoWriMo 2022, Day 1

C’est la Vie

This body she had been assigned did not seem prone to cooperate. As she reached for a salad, her hand veered off course and selected a large bowl of lasagne instead, then bypassed the carrot juice for a chilled glass of rose. She did not understand. She had been led to believe that that part of her that she had brought to the body would be in control of the brain, but that did not seem to be so. A small portion of the cheese separated itself from the body of the pasta and pooled on the plate. The body smacked its lips as it took a first succulent bite.  The lasagne was delicious. She fought the reaction but it was too late. She had already experienced it.

Another body sat down beside her, to her left. It was a male body and upon the table it placed a plate of salad and a glass of carrot juice. “That looks delicious,” the body said, motioning toward her plate,

Immediately, she recognized something in this body. Something of her—as though they had somehow mixed up components. She had heard of this happening. She saw him raise the carrot juice up to his lips, casting his glance over her glass of wine longingly, regretfully.

As if on cue, she raised her own glass to her lips. “C’est la vie,” she thought, but did not give voice to it. If this was to be a dissolute life, it was not of her choosing. Some trick of fate or oversight of administration. She lifted her fork. She would be principled in her next life. It was not her fault, this slip. She might as well enjoy it.

The prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 1 for 2022 is based on Robert Hass’s remarkable prose poem, “A Story About the Body.” The idea is to write your own prose poem that, whatever title you choose to give it, is a story about the body. The poem should contain an encounter between two people, some spoken language, and at least one crisp visual image. Image by Joshua Chun on Unsplash.


The Watchers

The Watchers

Is deja vu imagined or is it re-dreamed dreams—
time as we have lived it leaking at the seams?
Perhaps time is a magnet that draws in all our years
like a solar plexus for all our hopes and fears.

Perhaps it teams together with the universe
presenting itself over so we can rehearse
the choices that we’re given and choose a different course—
one that fate rebels against, another to endorse.

The chance of this may stupefy, for man in his confusion
is prone to make a science out of his delusion.
But forces we know little of perhaps control it all.
They have us in their balance, weighing out our fall.

Prompts for today are deja vu, magnet, stupify, plexus and force.


Somehow, Things Just Seem to Work Out

Somehow, Things Just Seem to Work Out

Sometimes the world’s a slippery slope as though it seeks to best us—
its calumnies and trials just meant to try to test us.
But I have found the hard knocks that seem about to break us
are really just the tempering by means of which life makes us.

Life at its extremities of temperature and weather
tests our very limits and makes us stronger whether
the regions where we find ourselves be boiling hot or frigid ones,
cooling off our hot spots and warming up our rigid ones.

When we are exhausted, life has a way of slowing,
as though it has known all along the direction we’ve been going.
Although we meet with floods and gales, there is a sort of knowing
that’s somehow able to predict the way our winds are blowing.


Prompt words today are calumny, slope, exhausted, extremity and region.

Withholding with One Hand and Giving with Another

Withholding with One Hand and Giving with Another

She feared that too much dieting would make her moribund,
and so she kept on dining until she was rotund.
She viewed dieting with horror yet felt terror when she viewed
her own form in the mirror, be it fully–clothed or nude.
Of all those excess curves and rolls, she wanted to be free.
Her rosy cheeks were garish, and she willed them not to be.
Yet her psychology of wishing misplaced not a single ounce.
She shed no flesh or inches, lost not one single bounce.

Until she fell in love one day and grew over-excited
when her amorous feelings led to passions unrequited.
And so she lost her taste for food and other worldly pleasures,
this lovelorn depression supplanting former measures
of trying to lose inches around her thighs and trunk,
and so her mass diminished as she slowly shrunk
from size eighteen to fifteen and eventually ten
and that girl in the mirror turned willowly and thin.

Men started to walk by her house and one man chose to linger,
and within the year there was a gold band on her finger.
Thus did she learn the lesson that our wishes might be met
by simply being deprived of what we want to get.
Sometimes deprivation triggers something we need more,
for we do not always know what life may have in store
when it withholds its blessings. It may be that when we wait,
exactly what we’ve wanted is dished out to us by fate!


Prompt words today are free, garish, terror, horror, rotund and psychology.