When he said that he would lead the way, she meekly fell behind,
for to point out his meandering she felt would be unkind.
The luxuriant undergrowth clung to them in their passing,

the creeks they crossed edulcorating all they were amassing
in pants cuffs and in pockets: burrs and and leaves and pollen,
as he led the way through ditches and over trees fresh-fallen.

And though he seemed decisive, she knew that they were lost.
She followed to preserve his pride, but at what a cost?
Each quirky decision led them more astray
as she followed in his footsteps even though she knew the way.
When they finally reached their cabin, a shower, brush and comb
would eradicate the proof that they took the long way home!

Prompt words are luxuriant, decisive, quirky, edulcorate (to free or purify by washing) and leading. Photos by Joshua Woroniecki and Kurt Liebhaeuser on Unsplash.

And here is my favorite Tom Waits song, “The Long Way Home.”  Seems appropriate to include it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCk-f03o6aA

7 thoughts on “Lost


    Oh that hits too near to home for me to laugh.. Being an earth scientist I always prided myself in knowing direction~! I could trump through jungle or desert and come out exactly where I was going. But there were times when I became “confused” especially in a heavy fog~! Now London has both, “confusion” and “fog”, add to that also being foggy from gin and tonic, I was flat lost, and would not admit it, but Shirley in her gentle way just knew what to say: “oh look, the car is way over there, we almost passed it by” (again). I just do not take well to criticism and she know so well how to cover that base.

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