The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

I know from what his kind is cast.
He’s fearless as he is steadfast.
He does not vaunt his strength or looks,
excels at sports and reads good books.

Sexy and mysterious, 
he’s musically serious—
motivated from within
to play a wicked violin.

He is as solid as a rock.
Nobody needs to wind his clock.
And yet I had to choose another,
for, alas, he is my brother!!!

Prompt words today are fearless, steadfast, digitally, vaunt and wind. Photo by Silas Tolles on Unsplash.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Man

  1. Anonymous

    O.M.G., I was thinking (you’ll never find him~!), as I read it, but then with the last line I understood it all…Great poem and makes me think, it is a matter of opinion~! Thanks, well done Judy~!

    Liked by 2 people


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